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This disclosure of patient information breaches the ethical standard of confidentiality that a medical doctor is expected to uphold. These are usually only sent during campaigns. The goal is for bleeding to occur when a penis penetrates the vagina. The first time that a woman has penis-vagina sexual intercourse, it is possible that the penetration of the penis into the vaginal opening may partially or completely rupture the hymenal tissue. Misconceptions about the hymen and Virginity testing. The artificial hymen is completely safe to use.

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What is a hymen?

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Female virginity is NOT a tangible entity. These methods give her an opportunity to take control of her own body, enjoy premarital sex and at the same time save her future relationship despite the fact that familial and societal institutions attempt to ultimately control these two things. A hymen is a thin fold or folds of mucous tissue located centimeters inside the vaginal opening that surrounds or may even completely cover the opening. Therefore, some hymen reconstruction surgery also includes the insertion of a gelatin-capsule that will release a blood-like substance during intercourse to simulate bleeding. Also when a woman had vaginal intercourse the hymen can still be intact it can stretch!!

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