Midget transmision swap

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We are considering not using the original engine because they are, to put it bluntly, a bit rubbish. I would imagine the toyota MR2 motor is scarce in good condition, does it go with a Starlet 'box? Using the Datsun 4 or 5 speed transmission, this kit will allow you to make a turnkey installion in your Sprite Midget or Morris Minor. I have seen it written that the Morriservice 5 speed conversion "came later", but indeed, just the opposite is trueand was actually conceived in the late 70's In addition, by following my recommended installation procedure, modification of the heater plenum in Spridget models is not required. These starters are new, compact, lightweight, and very easy to install. The original BMC rear engine seal design for in-line A-series engines is what is called a "scroll seal".

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I'm afraid I've stuck with the a-series - a real challenge to see if we can squeeze anymore out of the car.

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MG Midget / Sprite 1275 5-speed gearbox starter kit

Frankly a bit rubbish? It was our first choice until I realised people were putting other perhaps more robust things in. There are lots of engine options, some better than others, but by the sounds of the way your going to take the midge you would be better off selling it as a well retored midget and buying a kit car to mess about with, because a kseries or duratec engined midge with different rear suspension isn't a midget anymore. Also, if you got any other good ideas for our project, I'm always on te look out for inspiration. The original BMC rear engine seal design for in-line A-series engines is what is called a "scroll seal". I will be helping with the restoration of the mechanicals and suspension. The B series is heavier than a RV8 though.

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