Najed girl on motorcycle

It was the start of the Memorial Day weekend and the weather was perfect for a ride in the hills. Little flash from the wife. Grey hairs are mingling, more and more, with my dirty blonde ones. It was about time to pull over to stretch our legs. I grabbed my lightweight leather jacket and went outside to start the old girl up.

My God, she looked stunning!

Nude riding a motorcycle

She began to expertly suck my member while stroking it delicately with one hand. With one hand, I opened her jeans and reached inside to find her smoldering slit. What do you do? Her long shapely legs lead up to a tight round butt that is to die for. I leaned back against the bike as she took my cock in her hand and kissed the head. We stayed like that for a few minutes until we thought we heard a car coming down the road. I held her close then moved my head down to softly bite her neck.

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  1. Dude should have creampied that pussy instead of jacking off for 5 minutes.