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Rise to the challenge The advantage of the stills is that it is a random access medium video is sequential access so you can look at it as long as you want to, get in the feeling and emotion and details, in video everything is a passing moment, not carefully composed, has little detail, the emotion on faces is not as clear. Talking about the article. I agree that digital cameras, or more specifically the ubiquity of cameras, have a lot to answer for. Just like there are chefs that choose to use Shun kitchen knives. But if we don't aspire to it and work at it, we certainly can't achieve it.

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Unfortunately, the end result is a fall in standards overall.

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Buyer's guide: the 10 best cameras

Are You a Journalist? Sure, some amateurs have good skills. The Wacom Intuos Pro is a workflow-boosting machine. Dec 6, 72 mobile. It's an idiocy imposed by accountants who think there's no great skill in any of it, that one person can accomplish in a few hours that which formerly needed 2 or 3.

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amateur photographer dan chung
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