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Just like porn, you have to separate the fantasy from the reality. There are some stereotypes that if you expect them, you may be in for a rude awakening. What that can feel like: We are not that kind of family. I didn't stop cutting though. Maybe we could get a drink. But you have to understand that porn isn't a documentary.

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I have a theory about fetishes.

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Absolutely, there's a huge one. Having someone in your life who tells you "you should be lucky anyone even wants you" is beyond terrible. Maybe we could get a drink. Do that and you may just find someone who will feel that life with you is better than without you too. If nothing else, I have had to suffer their weddings and I would like to reap my revenge. When I made the decision to plough ahead with my transition, I did so fully aware that it might be the death blow to my love life.

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  1. all these japanese videos have codes to make them easy to find, since the titles are stupid long

  2. She's really hot but the dude talking trying to sound like a young guy ruined it lol